Has Congress Given Up On Dubbak Bypoll?

Thu Oct 29 2020 10:43:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Has the Congress Party called it quits in the Dubbak bypoll? Is the Congress leadership feeling that the BJP has clearly stolen the march over it? Is there a feeling of despondency in the Congress rank and fine in Dubbak? These are the hotly debated questions in Dubbak these days.

The Congress managed to pull off a fast one on the TRS, when it managed to lure former MLA Cheruku Mutyam Reddy's son Cheruku Srinivas Reddy to join the party and become the MLA candidate from Dubbak. Mutyam Reddy has great good will and the people of Dubbak still talk about the works he did. Initially, Srinivas Reddy was aggressive and several Congress seniors have campaigned vigorously on his behalf.

But with the recent spat over the seizure of money in Dubbak, a war of words is raging between the TRS and the BJP. Since then, the narrative has been dominated by these two parties. The leaders and the cadre of the party have been highly visible these days. As a result, there is a feeling that the fight is actually between the BJP and the TRS. The Congress finds itself slowly slipping out. There is a general feeling that the Congress has conceded ground. Isn't it time that the Congress does something serious and storm back on to the agenda once again?