Has India's Real Growth Started As Said By Gautam Adani?

Tue Sep 27 2022 17:55:23 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Gujarat-based business tycoon Gautam Adani who emerged as the second richest person in the world was invited to the 20th Forbes Global CEO Conference 2022 held in Singapore. Speaking at the event, Gautam Adani spoke highly about the advantage India is having now.

Talking about the vast youth population that no other nation has, Gautam Adani observed that, India's real growth has started just now and for the next 30 years, India will show its impact on the world. Gautam Adani said that India might even leave the dragon country Chine behind.

If we look at Gautam Adani's comments from a critical point of view, there is no false in what Gautam Adani said about the Indian population. India now enjoys the largest youth population in the world. If we can use the youth in the right direction, then nothing can stop us.

But the question is, whether the resources are in a situation to accommodate the large population. Investments and production are the key for any country and India is lagging in these areas compared to other countries.

India is yet to come out of the Covid outbreak. The automobile sector is one of the high revenue-generating sectors in the nation. The economical policies taken by the government are not encouraging for the sectors.

A few global companies have already left India unable to deal with the situation. The GST implications are like a hammer blow for production and firms. India has to take rapid action and measures to see growth.

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