Has KCR Forgotten Social Engineering

Sat Nov 27 2021 18:06:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

The TRS insiders say the party boss has to learn some lessons on social engineering from his Andhra counterpart YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. They feel that KCR has completely ignored the caste equations while choosing the candidates for the MLC elections.

In Telangana, there were 18 candidates – nine for the local body constituencies and the remaining for the governor's quota and the MLA quota. The party insiders are hotly debating whether KCR has followed social engineering keeping in view 2023 elections.

In the six MLA quota MLCs, there were one OC, three BCs, one from the minority group and another for the SC community. In the newly nominated candidates, four candidates are from the other castes. One is from the BC community and the remaining one is from the SC group.  In the local body constituency MLC candidates list too, the so-called forward castes have been given primacy. All the outgoing MLCs were from the OC category. They are now replaced by the OCs again. Though the names of two BC candidates were heard during the discussions, they have been ignored.

Sources say this caste imbalance could affect the TRS fortunes in the long run and the party would be seen as a party of the upper castes. This would end up alienating a significant section of the BCs, SCs and the minorities. It remains to be seen how KCR set this imbalance right.