Has KCR warned three ministers?

Sat Jun 18 2022 10:07:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Alarmed by the adverse reports by Prashant Kishor's team about the situation in Telangana, TRS boss KCR reportedly told three ministers not to make statements that are too aggressive. These comments are actually having a reverse effect and are alienating the people away from the ruling TRS, feels KCR.

The three ministers in question are loud-mouth Malla Reddy, Khammam's Ajay Puvvada and Errabelli Dayakar Rao. All the three have landed themselves and the party in trouble with their statements.  Mallareddy's run-ins with Revanth Reddy have only brought disrepute to the TRS. In the wordy duel, Mallareddy has irreparably damaged the TRS image.

Also, the way he has angered a strong section of the Reddys at the meeting of the Reddy community has also caused problems for the ruling TRS. He was booed, shooed away and was chased from the venue by the angry participants in the meeting. The TRS feels that Mallareddy could have handled the issue more deftly.

Similarly, Puvvada Ajay's comments are also landing the party in trouble. His comments on the suicide of BJP activist Sai Ganesh in Khammam have actually damaged the image of the party in general and the minister in particular. So angry was the party leadership with Ajay Puvvada that it did not allow him to address a press conference on the Sai Ganesh issue in the state office. Ajay was forced to address the media in Khammam only.

Another minister with rampant foot-in-the-mouth syndrome in Errabelli Dayakar Rao. He has passed lewd remarks on a woman employee recently and landed in a controversy. His intemperate comments on empty beer bottles too has not gone down well with the party. Sources say that KCR has personally spoken to all the three ministers and reportedly asked them to observe restraint. He told them not to damage the image of the party by their intemperate remarks.