Has KTR walked into Revanth Reddy's trap on drugs case?

Tue Sep 21 2021 08:45:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

Has KTR tied himself into knots by walking straight into Revanth Reddy's trap? Revanth's attack on a couple of Tollywood stars, supposedly close to KTR, has made KTR join the issue on drugs case. With KTR joining the issue, Revanth dared him for a 'white challenge.'  He and Konda Vishweshwar Reddy dared KTR to undergo tests for drug consumption.

In the whole event, not only KTR walked into Revanth's trap, but also landed in a controversy.  When Revanth dared KTR to come to the Gun Park opposite the Telangana assembly,  KTR did not go. This created unfavourable optics for KTR. Many feel that he should have gone to the Gun Park to claim moral high ground. This would have settled the issue.

By not preferring to go, he has given a general impression that he was avoiding the drug tests.  It is another matter that the ordinary pathology labs or hospitals cannot determine the drug usage by an individual. It has to be established only by forensic labs. But, instead of beating Revanth in his own game, KTR chose not to go to the Gun Park. This is bad optics for a promising leader.

Instead of taking on Revanth head on, KTR has levelled allegations about cash for vote, which the people have already forgotten. The more KTR talked about this, the more he looked vulnerable. KTR meanwhile slapped a defamation suit against Revanth. Overall, Revanth managed to drag KTR into an unseemly controversy.