Has Kuna Ravi Kumar fallen silent because of Atchen Naidu?

Sat May 15 2021 11:22:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

Considered till recently as a firebrand politician, TDP's Kuna Ravi Kumar is unusually silent these days. He is not seen in any party programme  and is not issuing any statement. Why is he so silent? This questioning is baffling the TDP and the YSRCP alike.

Ravi Kumar was quite active even after the TDP lost power. He was busy targeting the YSRCP government and its leaders. He had also made senstational statements and grabbed headlines. But, ever since a non-bailable warrant was issued, he suddenly fell silent. He stopped issuing statements. In fact, he had gone underground and occasionally surfaced. But gradually, he slowed down and went silent.

Sources say that one of the reasons why Kuna Ravikumar fell silent was because of the appointment of Atchen Naidu as the TDP's president for the AP unit. Both Kuna and Atchen belong to the same district and consider one another a rival. Also, Kuna is unhappy that Atchen Naidu was ambivalent when cases were being registered against Kuna. The condemnation was feeble.  Sources say that Atchen wanted Kuna to be weighed down by the cases and get progressively weakened. This will help Atchen's family to assume prime position in the district.