Has TDP Cadre Conceded Defeat?

Mon Apr 08 2019 14:34:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

The media houses have been repeating ad nauseum that the contest in AP is fierce and it would be a photo-finish. But, the reality at the ground level appears to be different. There is an increasing feeling that the war in AP is going to be a one-sided affair. The TDP cadre at the ground level have already given up and have conceded defeat.

Interestingly, cadre is not interested in campaigning also, knowing there is no hope. It's getting hard to mobilise any people for even their star campaigners. It's evident in people and cadre which party is going to win Look at the way the TDP leaders are flocking towards YS Jagan. With just three days left for the all-important polling, the leaders from various organisations, civil society bodies and even the TDP are coming to the YSRCP party office in drones.

Many anti-Chandrababu people have already met YS Jagan and have extended their support. Several organisations have been meeting Jagan to praise the election manifesto of the party. They are coming back very impressed by the way Jagan is responding to them. They are given ample time to put across their point and are being given detailed and impressive answers. Jagan's behaviour is being liked by one and all.