Has TDP scored a self-goal by criticising NTR?

Wed Dec 01 2021 18:39:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

Have Chandrababu Naidu and the TDP scored a self-goal on the issue of handling Junior NTR? Have they inadvertently brought NTR, who was in the margins busy with his film career, on to the centre-stage of the TDP politics? Have they ended up making a political hero out of a reel hero?

The TDP has widely criticised Junior NTR for not adequately reacting to Chandrababu's weeping. The TDP leaders felt that NTR was very diplomatic and circumspect in his criticism and that he did not take to task his best buddies Kodali Nani and Vallabhaneni. Several leaders like Varla Ramaiah and Budha Venkanna have gone ballistic and have slammed NTR.

But this criticism had unlikely consequences. The TRS fans in Kuppam have reacted very strongly to this criticism. They organised a massive meeting of the NTR fans in Kuppam and declared that they would not work for the TDP in the coming elections. They also chanted slogans in support of NTR as the next chief minister. All these have created a massive support for NTR and have boosted his image.

Now the pro-NTR talk is gaining ground with each passing day. Party's thinking heads are saying that Chandrababu himself must step in to set things right. He must get a favourable statement from NTR to put an end to this ruckus in the party. Antagonising NTR fans could prove costly for the party, the thinking heads argued.