Has Ys Sharmila Failed In Planning Khammam Meet Properly?

Sun Apr 11 2021 17:24:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

A launch is always the most important thing. One plans to the last minute thing and ensures that nothing goes wrong in the launch programme. One knows that everything has to be perfect in a launch. So, when Sharmila launched her political entry into Telangana, one expected her to be extremely careful and cagey. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

After all, she was launching her party and announcing her political entry in a state as sentimental as Telangana is. The Telangana sentiment is very strong in the state and she was taking on the might of KCR and the TRS which draws its strength from the Telanana issue. But, the verdict of the political pundits is near unanimous. The verdict is that she has failed in making the programme a success. The verdict is that she failed to create a ripple.

Political pundits feel that she has not taken care to make the programme a success. Initially, she had announced that the meeting would be attended by over a lakh YSR fans. Unfortunately, she did not take the rapid spread of Corona into account. The authorities obviously did not given her permission to her to hold such huge meeting with such huge gathering. Finally, all she got was permission for a crowd of just 6000 people. Also, one expected that she gets a massive reception along the way and that people would gather along the route and shower flowers on her. That did not happen.

More importantly, Khammam does not have a big Reddy population, which is her mainstay. There indeed are Reddys in the nearby villages, but they chose not to attend due to corona.  As a result, the meeting ended tamely and no major announcements were made. Many feel that she should have waited for the Corona to subside and then hold a meeting with one lakh people in Hyderabad, which is a bigger and more important city. Hence, she failed to make a spash and failed to get the kind of mileage she deserved. One only hopes she is more circumspect and more planned the next time.