Has the tweet meant for Pawan wrongly reached Lokesh ?

Wed Dec 11 2019 18:34:02 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The tacit understanding between Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu Naidu is an open secret. They both speak and act in tandem. Many a time, Pawan Kalyan is seen as a savior for Chandrababu and is known to have extricated Chandrababu from tricky situations. On issues like Kapu reservations and special status, Pawan Kalyan has promptly come to Chandrababu's rescue. For far too long, there has been a buzz that the twitter accounts both Pawan Kalyan and Nara Lokesh are operated by the same person or the same agency.

In most cases, both the leaders react and respond on the same topic and in most cases, one supports the other. Pawan is usually seen backing the issues taken up by the TDP. There is also an unconfirmed buzz that the images and clips posted on Pawan's Twitter handle come from the tDP office. As if confirming this, the recent tweet of Lokesh is so very similar to Pawan's oft repeated tweet He said YSRCP ministers were afraid of him. This is a stock-in-trade tweet from Pawan. Even very recently, he had made such comments. Now, a similar comment is coming from Lokesh. This has set the social media trolling both Pawan and Nara Lokesh.

The Twitterati wants to know if a text was actually meant for Pawan and went wrongly into the hands of Lokesh. Was it a case of wrong address? Only Lokesh can reply to this and set the doubts at rest. One only hopes that the person who is tweeting on his behalf is more careful.