Have Bad Times Started For KCR?

Sat Sep 07 2019 12:36:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

Two months ago, everything looked hunky dory for the TRS. It won a landslide and it reduced the Congress to next to nothing by weaning away a majority of its MLAs. Every MLA and MP kowtowed to KCR. He anointed his son as party's working president and thoroughly sidelined the only competition to KTR - Harish Rao. KCR looked invincible.

But two months later, his trusted lieutenant Etela Rajender has raised a banner of revolt and challenged his leadership. He seems to have more support that one expected. Already MLA Rasamayi Balkishan has come out in to the open and many more are said to be talking to Etela on the sly. KCR's relations with the Centre have soured and getting an audience with Narendra Modi is next to impossible.  Kaleshwaram and Power supply position are now being increasingly criticised.

Most worrisomely for KCR, the Yadadri pillars controversy has come at a wrong time. Now that the pillars with images of KCR, his party symbol car have become public knowledge, KCR is finding himself on a sticky wicket. He is facing criticism from all quarters. Neither the TRS nor KCR himself have gathered courage to open up. This issue is fast turning out to be a 'Hindu issue' and the BJP is doing everything it can to take advantage of it. Already his 'Hindu Bondu' comment has done great damage to KCR and the Yadadri pillar issue is sure to damage his image further. It remains to be seen how KCR handles this issue. If the same trend continues, he is sure to lose whatever little sheen that he has now.