He Defeated Man He Saluted Once, His Superiors Salute Him Now

Sat May 25 2019 09:43:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

In selecting MP and MLA candidates, Jagan largely tended to play safe. He only chose those who were safe bets. But, when it came to Hindupur Lok Sabha constituency, Jagan got bold and went into experimental mode. He nominated a political novice and a police officer as the YSRCP candidate against formidable  sitting MP and former minister Nimmala Kishtappa. He gave the ticket to CI Gorantla Madhav. Everyone felt this was a costly mistake. But, belying all expectations, Gorantla Madhave registered a grand victory and trounced Kishtappa by , 1,38,137 votes.

Gorantla Madhav had worked as Anantapuram CI. He shot to fame when he released a video twirling his mustache and daring brattish Anantapur MP JC Diwakar Reddy. Jagan liked his guts and nominated him as Hindupur MP candidate. The government of the day and the police officials had created all sorts of problems to Gorantla CI and did not relieve him till last. At long last, he could get clearances and he became the YSRCP candidate. He had won the polls and is now an MP.

As an MP he has saluted Nimmala Kishtappa countless times. But he has defeated the same man he saluted so many times. After winning, he had saluted his superior police bosses.  This video of his bosses saluting him has gone viral. What more, the same officiers, whom he saluted till the other day, have saluted him.  The video and the images are doing rounds on the social media circuit.