He Is The Only Leader Criticising Lockdown

Sat Mar 28 2020 10:06:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

At a time when the whole nation is rock-solidly behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the implementation of the Lockdown to contain Corona virus, only one politician seems to be strongly opposing him. Even the Congress Party has backed Modi on Corona control measures. Even arch foe like P Chidrambaram and Rahul Gandhi have tweeted their support.

But, Prashant Kishore, the one-time best buddy of Modi and the creator of the now famous Chai-pe-Charcha, is strongly criticising Narendra Modi and his 21-day-long  lockdown. In a series of tweets he slammed the Lockdown and said it is poorly executed. "Decision to #lockdownindia may be right but 21 days might be a bit too long. But then this is the price one pays for being behind the curve. With the shaky preparedness to deal with the #CovidCrisis and very little to safeguard the poor, we could be staring at some tough days ahead," he tweeted.

In another tweet, he also slammed Narendra Modi for "self praise." He said: Spare a moment for millions who are suffering due to not so well executed #lockdown before indulging in nauseating self-praise on how well we are managing the #CovidCrisis. However, many intellectuals, industrialists and common netizens are slamming Prashant Kishor's tweets.  Later, when Modi announced the package for the poor and the marginalised, he tried to make amends saying: After all the public outcry, GoB has announced new measures to help daily wage workers & poor people stranded across India due to the #lockdown. This includes additional fund of 100Cr from CM relief fund.Thank you all for adding your voice to the cause. @NitishKumar जी को भी