He kept the Left waiting for hours, but welcomes them with open arms now

Sun Jan 09 2022 16:32:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

Time was when Telangana Chief Minister KCR made Communists wait for hours to meet them. The Communists were subjected to the ignominy of winding up their conversation within minutes as a disinterested KCR showed them the door. But, now the very same KCR invited them to lunch and the Communists had no qualms whatsoever in falling head over heels to meet him.

KCR invited them from the gate and played a perfect host. The Communists did not seem to have any qualms meeting the very man who belittles him. Both the Left and KCR agreed on fighting the common enemy – the BJP. They felt that the need of the hour is defeating the BJP. They said all ‘progressive’ parties should come together to defeat Modi.

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan, Tripura former CM Manik Sarkar and Seetaram Yechuri met KCR. Later, CPI general secretary D Raja, parliamentary pay leader Binoy Vishwam, Chada Venkat Reddy and others met him separately.

KCR is trying to emerge as the lynchpin of the anti-BJP front. He has of late met Tamil Nadu CM Stalin and other leaders. However nothing much came out of the meeting. Sources say that a lot could happen in the non-Congress non-BJP front if the BJP is defeated in the five states that are going to polls