Heart-touching story of MLA and his father!

Sun Feb 23 2020 22:30:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

MLAs are seen as people who live with no rules and regulations or even without conscience. In many cases it is true, unfortunately, but AAP MLA, Praveen Kumar and mainly, his father have a heartwarming story.

Praveen Kumar doesn't stay in any bungalow or did not acquire major assets after becoming MLA. Hence, he won the second time too from the same constituency in Delhi.

More than him, his father, PN Deshmukh is in the news, because of his honesty and simplicity. Many politicians have humble beginnings but they don't lead such humble lifestyle post success.

Looking at PN Deshmukh even Praveen Kumar is living in the same humble manner. How did his father inspire him?

After a point of time, old people tend to depend on their children to secure their livelihood. But Deshmukh is still running a  roadside puncture shop in Bhopal at Bhogad Pul area. He has been running it since, 1979.

His other son is a software engineer but he doesn't want to live with him too. Deshmukh is proud that his sons are leading an honest and simple life like him.

He doesn't want Praveen Kumar to change and become corrupt. When media persons asked him about retirement, he suggested that he doesn't want to retire until he can work and earn his living.