Heritage Share Value Dips After Chandrababu Loses Power

Tue Jul 16 2019 14:50:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

Have you noticed something strange? The share value of Heritage Company, owned by former Chief Minister and TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, which have only soared for the last five years without an interruption, are now falling ever since Jagan came to power. Before Chandrababu became chief minister in 2014, the share value of Heritage was a mere Rs153 as on July 2014. By September 2016, the value rose up to Rs 450. In December 2017, the share value went up to Rs 827.

Till a year ago, the share value of Heritage went up, but now the prices are weakening. Has Chandrababu losing power got anything with this? Did they go up because he was in power. In the last one year, the share value has fallen from Rs 624 in August 2018 to Rs 223.

Interestingly the fall started slightly before the elections and on May 23, the day the election results were out, the face value of the share fell to Rs 480. In a span of one year, the share value has come down by Rs 225. It appears that Heritage share value is directly linked to Chandrababu's political fortunes.