High Court Calls 16-Year-Old Girl's Marriage Valid!

Mon Jun 20 2022 14:43:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

The minimum age of getting married for girls is 18 and the government is aiming to increase the same to 21 so that the girls will get to study and do jobs they like. However, the minimum age of marriage is not the same for all the communities in the country.

Muslim girls are married before they attain the age of 18. The Muslim laws allow them to do so. Hearing a petition, a High Court said that Muslim girls can marry whom they want after 16 years. Giving the verdict, the High Court quoted the Muslim law.

Going into detail, a 16-year-old married a 21-year-old man. However, the families did not approve of the marriage and the couple have doubts that they might be attacked. To seek security, the couple knocked on the doors of the High Court. The court heard the petition.

The issue went to the notice of the Punjab and Haryana high court. The couple who hails from Pathankot recently tied the knot. However, they have their doubts and fears. So they moved the court and after hearing the petition, the High Court gave a favorable verdict to the couple.

Quoting the verses from the Sharia Law, Justice Jasjit Singh Bedi said that Sir Dinshah Fardunji Mollah's book 'Principles of Mohamedan Law' permits girls who are 16 to marry whom they want and going by the book the marriage and valid and the family members can't object the marriage.

Dubbing the marriage valid, the Justice said that though the couple tied the knot despite their families saying no, the couple will not lose the rights guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. Justice also said that the boy is 21 and he is a major. Having said that, the High Court directed the Pathankot police department to offer security for the couple.

During the arguments, the couple through their lawyers told the Punjab and Haryana High Court that they got married on the 8th of this month. Their wedding happened as per the Muslim rituals, but the members of both families are against the marriage and they want security from the High Court.