High Court Says No To Petitions Of Amaravati Farmers!

Wed Nov 16 2022 19:14:24 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Amaravati farmers who are protesting for the sole capital city in Andhra Pradesh suffered a big shock with the orders of the state High Court. Hoping that the court would accept their request the farmers moved the court. But the High Court gave them a big shock.

It is known that the High Court earlier imposed a cap on the limit of people who can take part in the yatra. Hearing a petition the High Court said only 600 people should take part and also ordered the Police department to grant ID cards to them so that they can participate in the yatra.

Alleging that the state government is trying hard to create issues for the yatra despite the court giving permission for the yatra, the farmers knocked on the doors of the High Court seeing the ease of restrictions. However, the court said no to the petition.

Having said that the High Court dismissed the petitions filed by the Amaravati farmers. The court said the orders issued earlier on the yatra will be effective and ordered the farmers to follow the same.

Making it clear that only 600 farmers should take part in the yatra the High Court said people other than the farmers should not be seen in the yatra and politicians should not take any part.

The Amaravati farmers earlier faced a lot of issues while doing padayatra for their demand. After facing a lot of obstacles including police restrictions and alleged issues posed by the ruling party leaders the farmers moved the High Court. The court permitted only 600 Amaravati farmers and the same will be effective, said the Court now.