Himansh to carry forward KCR's Legacy?

Tue Jul 12 2016 13:07:38 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

After the victory in GHMC Polls, K Taraka Rama Rao is being projected as the heir of Telangana CM KCR. The IT Minister might become Chief Minister of the youngest state if TRS wins in 2019 Polls.

Focus has now shifted to KTR's Son Himansh who is seen as a future of TRS party and many believe he might carry the family legacy. Even though there were other kids in the family, KCR believes Himansh has got the leadership qualities to become his successor. Hence, The Kid was allowed to mingle with party leaders, workers and common man.

Himansh caught everyone's attention during Vinayaka Chavithi and Sankranthi celebrations. Off late, He is going to TRS Bhavan whenever he is free. Few months ago, He even paid a visit to Telangana secretariat.

Already, CM, Two Ministers and an MP of Telangana belong to the same family. What's wrong in encouraging Himansh if he is efficient enough?