Hindu Temple In America Reports Big Theft!

Sat Jan 21 2023 19:30:27 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

For a better future and better opportunities Indians are migrating to other nations. The land of opportunities, the United States tops the list of nations Indians prefer migrating to. Though Indians go there as migrants they hold good positions. A few localities have Good Indian population there.

As Indians settle there they build religious places like temples. We can find temples in good numbers in Indian population dominated areas. One such temple was robbed reportedly by a suspect. The incident is said to have happened a couple of weeks back.

Going into details there is a famous temple in Brazos Valley in America. On the 11th of this month, which is a few days before the Sankranti festival a robbery was reported. It is said that the Hundi box and other valuables were stolen.

The temple authorities and local Indian community lodged a complaint with the concerned Police in this regard. The investigation is underway to nab the thief. CCTV footage is being examined by the cops.

As per the information, the entire act was recorded in the CCTV camera set up inside the temple. Based on that the cops are trying to gather the details of the thief. They reportedly assured the Indian community that the thief will be arrested soon.

While a temple reporting a theft is shocking, the Indian community expressed its severe dissatisfaction with the alleged sole Hindu temple getting subjected to a theft. Hundi and other valuables are stolen.