Hindus Have Only One Country - Bharat: Gujarat CM

Wed Dec 25 2019 17:45:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Amid violent protests and unrest across the nation opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA), Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani made sensational comments. He said while the Muslims have 150 countries as an option to go whereas "for Hindus there is only one country - Bharat"

He made these comments while leading a rally supporting the CAA bill at Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad.

"Muslims in India were happy and their population rose from 9 percent to 14 per cent...because of the secular Constitution they live a dignified life in India," he said.  

Talking about the downfall of the Hindus percentage in Pakistan from 22 percent to 3 percentage he said: "they are tortured, raped, their properties destroyed. They returned to India long ago, but they can't avail of benefits because they are not (Indian) citizens... In Bangladesh, Hindus constitute just 2 percent of the population, while in Afghanistan, the number of Hindus and Sikhs are around 500, (down) from over 2 lakh earlier...."

"Muslims have 150 countries where they can live, but for Hindus there is only one country, and that is Bharat," he observed.

"The Congress and its allies are creating unrest in the country by misleading people, rioting and destroying public property. I want to ask the Congress: how is the CAA against what Mahatma Gandhi said when the country was being divided… that Hindus from these three countries, if they wish to come back...," the CM said.

"At the time of elections, the BJP had announced that if we form the government, then we will remove Article 370, we will pave the path for the temple at Ram Janmabhoomi, we will abolish triple talaq, implement CAA to grant citizenship to our refugees, implement the NRC, and send back infiltrators. The people democratically brought the BJP and its allies to power," he added.