Jeff Bezos completes space travel, his long dream

Wed Jul 21 2021 13:30:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

We all have our dreams, but only a few achieve and fulfill their dreams like Amazon founder, world's richest person Jeff Bezos who achieved his childhood dream.

Jeff Bezos has been dreaming of having a space tour since his childhood. He completed his dream by entering outer space and returning back.

Jeff Bezos  and three others took part in the historic space travel in the New Shepard rocket manufactured by Blue Origin, a firm started by Jeff  for commercial space trips.

The firm was started in 2000. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' dream to enter space was achieved after two decades of the inception of the form.

Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, 82-year-old astronaut Trailblazer Wally Funk  and a teenager Oliver Daemen entered outer space.

The carrier has completed its tour in ten minutes and even surpassed the record made by Virgin Galactic company. While it had covered a distance of 50 km in space, Jeff Bezos and co covered 66 km at an altitude of 106 km.

Jeff Bezos shared a video clip on his Instagram which shows the crew members facing zero gravity after reaching above the boundary space Kármán Line. As they loosened their seat belts, they could be seen floating.

The historic space tour will also have a special mention in history as the spacecraft completed its run successfully on the occasion of 52nd anniversary of the first Moon landing.

Blue Origin's spacecraft became the first carrier to enter space that was manufactured for commercial purposes. Earlier this month, the aircraft of Virgin Galactic also reached outer space  and returned back.

Looking at the timeline of the events, the Blue Origin's spacecraft left from Texas at 10: 00 am. The aircraft successfully completed its mission by entering outer space.

After they returned back from the historic space travel, the support staff rushed to them to see if they were ok. The crew members said they are absolutely fine and shared their experiences.

The crew members told the reporters that, just like other astronauts who entered space, their perspective has also changed by seeing the beauty of space.