Historian asks Neeraj Chopra about his sex life, faces criticism

Mon Sep 06 2021 15:36:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Indian track and field athlete Neeraj Chopra became a national hero after his historic Gold at the Tokyo Olympics in the javelin throw. Since then, the media outlets are not leaving any stone unturned to know more about the athlete. A few big channels have interviewed him earlier.

However, the athlete had faced a few uncomfortable and embarrassing questions in his interviews. In a recent interview, Neeraj Chopra was asked about his sex life. An Art Historian who interviewed Neeraj Chopra asked about the sex life of the athlete.

Art historian Rajeev Sethi had interviewed Neeraj Chopra and asked how the athlete is managing to balance his trailing and sex life. The question made Neeraj Chopra a bit uncomfortable. His expression says that he is not comfortable with the question.

"How do you maintain a balance between your sex life and athletic training? I know this is a weird question," Rajeev Sethi asked Neeraj Chopra. The athlete who felt embarrassed by facing the question answered Sethi that Sorry Sir.

 With Rajeev Sethi trying to dig more details on the sex life of Neeraj Chopra, the athlete unable to take the question replied in Hindi that he is done with his question. The video of Neeraj Chopra facing the question went viral on social media.

The social media users are not happy with the historian putting Neeraj Chopra in an embarrassing situation with his question. He is facing the heat from the netizens. They are brutally trolling him for his question.

Earlier, Neeraj Chopra faced an embarrassing situation when he was interviewed by Radio FM RJ Malishka. Along with her colleagues, Malishka grooved to a few Bollywood tunes. Malishka even asked for a hug from Neeraj Chopra online. The video has also made Malishka face the ire of social media users.

Neeraj Chopra became an overnight sensation in the country with his gold. He got a big appreciation and reception when he landed in India from the Olympic tournament. After his heroics, the Army Sports Institute Stadium in Pune was named after Neeraj Chopra in August this year. Neeraj Chopra said he is humbled by the recognition.