Honey Trapping Row Hits Telangana Public Commission?

Mon Mar 13 2023 15:05:45 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

At the time when Telangana is dealing with the political controversy created by the Delhi Liquor scam with ED questioning MLC Kavitha, another controversy erupted in the state in the form of an alleged paper leak in the Telangana State Public Service Commission(TSPSC) exam. The issue raised many eyeballs in the case.

Given the sensitivity around the issue, a police probe was launched to know how the Public Service paper was leaked. The TSPSC is not a small paper and the paper leak caught everyone's attention. It is said that the Police probe gathered sensational information and the accused's name stunned many.

If we have to take anything from the media reports, the TSPSC row was hit by a honey trap. An employee is believed to have leaked the paper. For a woman, the employee did that and said he was the one who leaked the paper. He is holding a big position.

Recently, the TSPSC conducted the Town Planning examination. However, it was found that the paper was leaked. In the probe, it was found that TSPSC Secretary PA Praveen Kumar has been meeting a woman frequently, as per the media reports.

Based on the initial investigation, the TSPSC Secretary was arrested and confessed to having leaked the paper. With Praveen Kumar saying that he leaked the paper, the police officers are investigating to get details about the concerned girl and who is behind her and sent her.

Usually, we see the miscreants targeting the Navy or personnel in other security forces to get key information. But it appears that the trend was changed and the miscreants are ready to foray anywhere. The issue became a sensation in the state and people are talking about the alleged Honey Trap.

Honey trapping is an investigative practice that uses sexual relationships to derive sensitive and private information. The history of Espionage traces back to world war time. The practice works in a way that the miscreants trap people holding big positions to spy on them and get potential information. It is an illegal way of receiving information. It appears that the Honey Trap trend is spreading its wings.