Horrific: Dad's Superstition Kills His Daughter!

Thu Jun 16 2022 13:19:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

We are in th 21st century now and science and technology improved largely. Thanks to the improved science we can treat many deadly diseases. Despite all these, people follow Superstitious keeping their lives and others' lives in danger. Recently, we heard about a couple who work as lecturers killing their daughters as a sacrifice to God.

It is a big shock that well-read people are falling into the trap of these superstitions. Proving that educated people and common people also fall for these beliefs, a father took the life of his daughter due to his blind belief.

Going into detail, a person who hails from the Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh is going through a rough patch as the business he started ran into severe losses. To come out of the losses, the person reportedly met some Tantriks, who advised him to perform some special poojas. As the person has faith in such beliefs, he said yes to what they said.

As the accused is believed to have twins, he decided to do Tantrik pooja involving one of his daughters. Following the procedures mentioned by the Tantriks, the accused applied turmeric on her body and even poured Kumkum into her mouth, which caused suffocation for her.

After the girl started gasping her breath, she was rushed to the nearby hospital facility for treatment. Sadly, it was too late and the victim breathed her last while undergoing treatment at the facility. The father did not show any mercy on his daughter even when she was gasping.

The victim's mother screamed loudly, looking at her daughter and the screams attracted the neighbors who barged into the house and rushed her to a hospital. The doctors examined her and advised them to shift her to a big hospital given the seriousness of her condition.

With the issue creating a big uproar, the issue went to the notice of the concerned Police and they have registered a case and the investigation is underway. The locals reportedly told the officers that they have been hearing big sounds from the accused house and he took his superstition to next level.