How Can You Not Let Lockdown Ruin Your Relationship(s)?

Mon Mar 30 2020 13:28:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is very important for everyone of us to understand the gravitas of the situation that is forced upon us due to Corona Virus Covid-19 outbreak.

We are forced to stay indoors and become creative with our free-time and Work from Home schedules. Normally, we escape to the outside world, put job responsibilities away from home and depend on partners or parents or roommates to complete some or most of our works.

But Lockdown made us stay home and mix work with daily life routine. We are trying as much as we can to be attentive to daily chores and office work, as well.

There are many complaints and cases where people are unable to handle the stress, boredom, fatigue and being continuously at home is pushing them to walk outside for fresh air, groceries.

Many youngsters, old people are not caring for the situation of community transfer, which can force Governments to further go for lockdown to care for the severe patients.

This lockdown is imposed on all of us to reduce the transmission and not because, medical researchers and governments are lazy to identify a vaccine. The works are going on around the world.

Now, what can we do to save ourselves within the closed doors and save our relationships? Let's talk about that ..

1) We can try to be patient. Patience is always a virtue and impatience has become a sign of attitude. Once we try to reduce this attitude of being impatient, patience might really help us understand each other.

2) Being Independently Dependent. May be once every week you like to cook for your partner (male or female). You may have maids or office coupons or food outlets that serve your needs. Now, that is not the case. Be independent, that is, learn to make your own coffee, try the food item that you always wanted, try to make bed for your kids and try to not be dependent on your partner or help all the time. Be sure that you don't eliminate the purpose of the partner while doing so. Make it look like a bonding exercise, not something you would regret or your partner regret. Just try to be Independent but remember that you do need your partner.

3) Share things. Old adage, Sharing is Caring, works like a wonder. Just remember that passing orders is never a good thing. Share what you miss, share what hurts you and share your music, your films, share you and try accept your partner as himself or herself. It is hard to arrive on one solution but rather than trying to gain an upper hand, just share things as much as you can. See the difference.

4) Don't shut yourself away. It is always easy to just walk away from a situation. It takes loads of courage to face it. Just try to keep yourself in your partners shoes and try to be more empathetic. Remember love grows with empathy not by distance.

5) Play with each other. Start playing old games that take you back to your childhood days. Try to find memories that make you happy. While sharing them don't be embarrassed. Even if it was an old crush, just try to make it a fun story. When there is no guilt involved, stories and memories become the happiest moments. Who knows may be this moment can become a happy memory later when you have a fight. Try to steal soms memories for yourself.

Now, for those dudes and girls, who are single, just be yourself with your parents, friends. You will understand - who tolerates you, who really likes you and what you can improve on! Stay Home. Stay Healthy.