How KTR Will Be Different From KCR?

Fri Jan 22 2021 09:22:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is now increasingly clear that KTR will become the next chief minister of Telangana. TRS patriarch KCR will hand over the baton to his son, finalise the succession plan and peacefully retreat into his farm house to strategise.

But, how will KTR government be? Will it be different from his father? Will KTR be more accessible to the party leaders and workers unlike his father KCR who did not meet anyone and rarely visited Pragathi Bhavan? Will he tour among the people and meet the public more often unlike his dad? Another key question is will KTR be able to accommodate those who fought for the Telangana state? This is a very important question since many of those who actually fought for the separate Telangana state are now sidelined. They haven't been suitably rewarded. This is one strong feeling that is working against the TRS. So, will KTR be different from his father in this respect?

But there are some who feel that KTR would be no different from KCR. In fact, he is already a de facto CM and it is he who spearheaded the anti-Covid drive and the GHMC elections. Both these are monumental failures for the TRS. His handling of the floods in Hyderabad too was a disaster. So, these sections argue that there would be no difference even if KCR abdicates and KTR takes over.

Let's wait and see how things take a turn in the days to come.