How Modi Forced Akali Dal Out Of NDA?

Sun Sep 27 2020 10:33:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Finally, the Siromani Akali Dal has come out of the NDA. It has announced on Saturday that it was ending its decades-long association with the BJP. With this, two of the most trusted BJP allies – Shiv Sena and the Akali Dal are out of the NDA.

But sources in the know say that Akali Dal was more miffed at the way Modi treated their concerns rather than the issue of the farm reforms. When Harsimrat Kaur, a minister n Modi government, sought an appointment to submit her resignation on the issue of farm reforms, the Akali Dal expected that Modi would ask them to reconsider their decision and would offer them some concessions, which they can go home and show to the Punjabi voters.

But, as soon as Harsimrat offered her resignation,Modi approved it without uttering even a word and asked his officials to make alternative arrangements immediately. This left the Akalis shocked. By resigning, they would lose their only lever. Now, they had to clarify that despite the resignation, they would continue in the NDA. Later, this was seen as a complete surrender to the BJP. So, left with no option, they had to announce leaving the NDA. Akali sources say that Modi did not given them any honourable escape route. Now Akalis stand to lose both ministry and alliance. They are not sure if the farm reforms would be rolled back given Modi's surefooted decision-making process.