How TDP Prevented Timely Payment Of Salaries In July

Thu Jul 02 2020 11:52:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Another page has turned in the calendar and the first day of July has come and gone. But, this time around, July 1 has brought pain and difficulty for the salaried government employees. They could not get their salaries on July 1.

Know who is responsible for this? It is the Opposition TDP. Using its majority in the legislative council, the TDP blocked the passage of the Vote on Account bill and the chairperson of the council had adjourned the house sine die, virtually making it impossible to draw the money to pay salaries to the government employees and pensions to the retired employees. According to political watchers, this was deliberately done to bring disrepute to the ruling YSRCP.

The rules mandate that if rejected by the council, the Vote on Account could be sent to the Governor for approval after 14 days. As soon as the Governor affixes his approval, the salaries would be paid. It is being said that it could take at least 2-3 days to get the salaries this month. The employers and the pensioners are made to suffer due to the indiscretion of the Opposition.