How Trump Met Ex Adult Star Whose Allegations Indicted Him?

Sat Apr 01 2023 12:07:06 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Former President of the United States, Donald Trump is gearing up to contest the next Presidential polls to bank on the negativity of the current President Joe Biden. But Trump faced a big blow with a jury indicting him in a hush payment controversy. After the jury judgment, a debate is going on to know what happens to him.

Donald Trump has been facing allegations of having a sexual encounter with a former porn star. The issue popped up when the adult star made the allegations. For the past few years, the case has been going on and the jury indicted him in the allegations. With this, Donald Trump became the first President of the United States to face criminal charges.

Former Adult film star Stormy Daniels was the one who made the allegations. After Donald Trump was indicted, everyone wanted to know how the duo met and had a sexual encounter. The incident involving the two goes back way back to 2006.

Stormy Daniels, an adult actress, met Donald Trump in 2006 when he was a Real Estate tycoon. The two met at a golf tournament and Donald Trump invited her for dinner. The actress said that Donald Trump asked her if she likes to be a part of his show 'The Apprentice'. They had a sexual encounter in 2006 and they were in touch.

In 2007. Donald Trump reportedly wanted to have sex with Stormy Daniels. But the actress did not accept this and with this, she could not appear in the reality show. During a show in 2018, she revealed all these things.

Donald Trump was married at that time to his third wife and to see that the sexual interaction issue would come out Donald Trump reportedly paid a sum of 1.3 lakh dollars. The settlement was reportedly made in the presence of lawyers.

Fearing that the sexual encounter row would impact his winning chances, Donald Trump is said to have paid big money to Stormy Daniels. Based on her allegations, an inquiry into this was started and the jury indicted the former United States President Donald Trump. Now we have to wait and see what happens next.