How Will India Cope With Covid Third Wave?

Mon May 31 2021 13:18:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Even as India is gradually coming out of the deadly second wave of Covid 19, will there be an even more painful and deadlier third wave? Will the country reel under the impact of this wave? Will there be a greater destruction in the third wave? The answer to all these questions, according to international media, is in the affirmative.

As of now, India is the only country that is suffering the Covid pandemic. Many other countries in the world had gone through the ordeal of the second wave. In India, the second wave was delayed, but a lot more menacing. Our powers that be had prematurely declared victory and let their guard down in celebratory mode. The government had even exported vaccines to various countries to score brawny points.

The Central Government was utterly unprepared for the second wave due to which the cases rose and the toll mounted. There were shortages of vaccines, life-saving drugs and even oxygen supply. Instead of devising a pan-Indian plan, the Centre has delegated the responsibility of declaring the lockdown to the state governments. Due to the faulty policies, the vaccine is still not available to the 18-44 years group even after one month of rollout. The youth are still vulnerable and need to be given vaccines quickly. But meanwhile, there is a real fear of third wave stalking the country. The estimates are that the third wave would be more problematic.

Before the third wave strikes, the government should rollout the vaccination process. The production of the vaccines must be speeded up and the delivery mechanisms should be spruced up. How prepared we are determines how successful we would be in containing the third wave.