How a Cheetah Is shaking up Nagarjunasagar election campaign?

Thu Apr 08 2021 08:39:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

A Cheetah in the wild is creating quite a sensation in Nagarjunasagar bypolls. Now, one would ask what has a cheetah in the wilds has got to do with politics. But, Strolling with a cheetah is Nomula Bharat, the TRS candidate fighting the bypolls.

An image of Nomula Bharat walking with a cheetah in the wilds has gone viral in Nagarjunasagar. The photograph was circulated by a fan of Nomula Bharat on the social media. While his supporters are terming Bharat as a real hero and are going bonkers with his courage, his detractors are raising the issue of the safety of animals and the question of animal rights. When contacted, Bharat said that this picture was clicked in Zambia five years ago, when he and his family members went on a holiday. He said that this was a regular activity organised by the zoo authorities and an expert animal trainer accompanies the cheetah to ensure the safety of the tourists.

How did this pic go viral in the first place? There's an interesting aside. Our dear Mr Controversy Ram Gopal Varma chanced upon the photograph during a casual browsing and retweeted it saying Bharat was a real hero and that TRS chief KCR and his son KTR were real heroes too.