How did the police find the cyanide killer?

Thu Nov 07 2019 17:44:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

Finally, police arrested the cyanide killer - Simhadri alias Siva, who killed 10 people in 3 districts in 20 months. He explained that he had robbed money and gold from the victims.

What is cyanide?

Cyanide is a highly toxic chemical when it touches to tongue people will die in seconds. West Godavari SP Navdeep Singh Grewal said that these cyanide pellets were mixed with prasadam and killed the victims. The family members thought that all the dead had died due to ill health.

Who is this serial killer Simhadri?

Simhadri, a native of Eluru in West Godavari district, was formerly a real estate dealer. Simhadri began to cheat for Easy Money, taking risks in the business. He would take cash, and gold from the people saying he would double the cash and gold; after receiving the cash and gold he would give prasadam, in that prasadam he would add cyanide and give it people, the people would die within hours. With the robbed gold and cash, he built a house in Eluru.

How many murders did he do?

Simhadri killed 10 people in 3 districts in 20 months. He committed first murder on February 15, 2018. Simhadri offered rice pulling coins to Vallabhaneni, took him alone to a garden and offered cyanide prasadam to Vallabhaneni, killed him and took a silver ring and four lakhs of cash. He then killed two others and robbed 10 lakhs. However, none of the relatives complained to the police that the three killings were natural deaths. In March 2018 Simhadri killed a person from Musthabad and took 2.9 lakhs from him, police find some mystery in the murder, and started investigation. Simhadri killed many people, including his grandmother. The last murder was committed on October 16 in Eluru. At the time of the assassination of Nagaraju, a government teacher. Police started an investigation and in the investigation, police found that Simhadri killed 10 people by offering cyanide prasadam. Based on the call records of the Nagaraju the police arrested Simhadri and registered a case.