How many district does Telangana have - 10 or 33?

Thu Oct 14 2021 12:50:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

How many districts does Telangana have? 33, one would say. Soon after coming to power, CM KCR has announced the formation of 33 districts in the state. He said administrative convenience was the reason why the new districts were carved out. New district collectors were appointed and new collectorates are being built in a phase-wise manner.

But the latest GO issued by the consumers affairs department says that it was setting up consumers grievances redressal commissions in ten districts only. It said that the undivided district headquarters will function as the district consumer commission for the whole state. This means that the consumer affairs department is not recognising the 33 districts and has appointed commissioners for only 10 undivided districts.

According to the consumers affairs act of 2019, each district in the country should have one court . However, in Telangana only 10 districts have the courts, while the remaining will be under the jurisdiction of the nearby court.  This means the people of the newly carved districts will have to go to their former district headquarters for the redressal of any complaint.

This brings us to the question as to whether the state has 10 districts or 33. Even the Central allocations are being done on this basis. Will someone care to answer.