How many seats will Jana Sena win in 2024?

Sun Sep 18 2022 19:43:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Of late, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is repeatedly talking about having Jana Sena representation in the legislative assembly after 2024. He has been targeting the YSRCP quite stridently these days. At every given opportunity, he is seen criticising the YSRCP and its chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. It is increasingly becoming clear that he is considering the YSRCP his Enemy  No 1.

Speaking recently, he said that the defeat of the YSRCP is certain in the 2024 elections. Speaking at the meeting of the Jana Sena legal cell, he said the YSRCP might get anything between 45 to 67 seats in the 2024 elections. This is way too below the majority mark. He quoted a survey and said that the YSRCP is all set to lose power next time.

But, at the same time, he has not clearly spelt out how many seats the Jana Sena will win. He has only been saying that the Jana Sena needs representation in the assembly to highlight people’s problems. But, despite predicting the number of seats that the YSRCP would get, he has not explained how may seats his party would win.

Interestingly, he has also not revealed what would be the seat tally of the TDP and the BJP. Sources say that Pawan has not spelt out the number of seats his party would win because his party would enter into the TDP and the TDP may not give him more than 10 seats as part of alliance.  It is because of this that Pawan is not spelling out the number of seats his party would win.