Doubts over exit poll results: Will Modi repeat 2014 outcome?

Tue May 21 2019 12:28:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

The exit polls are out and they have all predicted with a great amount of certainty that the BJP-led NDA will romp home comfortably and that Modi will, in all probability, be the Prime Minister again. Not a single survey estimaged that Modi will get less than 280 Lok Sabha seats. 'However, there are doubting Thomases still. They are arguing that exit polls are Modi-mark gimmicks and that the BJP has managed the TV channels to give results in its favour. These people are arguing that these exit polls are not trust worthy. Interestingly, no questions are being asked and no doubts are being raised over the exit poll predictions on the state assembly elections that were conducted along with the General elections. So, the questions are only about the Lok Sabha election results.

A section of the Opposition is arguing that the exit poll results are fake and that they are meant to sidetrack the people to believe that Modi is coming back. Using this general mood, the BJP could resort to irregularities and alter the final outcomes, they argue. They say the numbers projected for the BJP are not real and that the number of Lok Sabha seats that the BJP would get in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and other states are highly inflated. They say that claiming that the BJP would get two MP seats in Telangana only shows that the numbers are being inflated. They say that more than 7 per cent of the votes were polled after the end of the polling time. This was so because those who were already in the queue at the closure of the polling time would be allowed to vote. Nobody has taken into account which way these voters have voted. Hence, claiming that BJP would win three seats in Telangana is wrong, they say.

What is the truth? Are the exit polls 'exact' polls? Can BJP replicate its 2014 success? Will the BJP be able to form the government on its own? For answer for all these questions, you will have to wait till May 23.