How To Rob A Jewellery Shop During Covid 19?

Wed Jul 08 2020 12:50:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

These are Corona times and everyone is extra careful about contacting the virus. Even thieves and burglars are being extremely careful while performing their 'acts.' In Maharashtra's Satara, a jeweller was robbed. The burglars broke into his shop and made good with lot of gold.

Nothing strange, one might say. But, when the police tried to study the CCTV footage, they were in for a huge shock. All the burglars wore face masks, shields and even Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) - all meant for protecting one from Corona virus attack. They sure must have carried hand gloves and sanitiser too.

One did not know whether to praise them for using the PPEs even while resorting to burglary or to slam them for their act of thieving. The video footage of PPE clad burglars is now going viral on the social media in Maharashtra. But, the act of covering their faces completely is making their identification difficult.