Huge Scarcity Of Masks And Toilet Papers In Japan

Wed Feb 19 2020 12:24:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

The deadly Covid-19 has resulted in a huge shortage of surgical masks and toilet papers in Japan. This made the price of masks and toilet paper to go high and high. Following this, some people have made off around 6,000 surgical masks from a nearby hospital.

The officials of the Japanese Red Cross hospital said that some four boxes that contain face masks went missing from the storage facility of the hospital.

"We still have a large number of masks enough to continue our daily operations at the hospital, but this is so deplorable," the official added.

Many drug and discount stores across the nation have been selling the masks as the cases of the Covid-19 is been on a roll. The official reports state that the death count in Japan reported 1,800 with the virus.

Knife-wielding men have stoled hundreds of toilet rolls in Hong Kong, where face masks, hand sanitizer, and toilet papers witnessed a huge shortage due to the outrage of Covid-19.