Huge jobloss in teaching sector due to Covid

Thu Jan 21 2021 13:15:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Post-covid, many sectors are slowly limping back to normal. But, one sector that is still down in the dumps is the education sector. The sector, which employed around 14 million people, has left 5.4 million people jobless.

Interestingly, studies say that even before the Covid lockdown, jobs began disappearing in the Indian educational sector. In fact, there used to be 15 million jobs in the educational sector and just before the onset of Covid, half a million jobs were lost. Thanks to covid, the number fell to 8.6 million jobs.

Trade pundits had in fact predicted that personalised teaching and online coaching will rob the jobs of those running tuition centres, coaching centres and others. This has given way to online classes. Big ticket online coaching companies have already begun investing huge amounts in this sector. As a result, the jobs in coaching industry were being lost. The lockdown has only helped this trend further.

Trade pundits say that some jobs could be gained once the schools begin to function and students start attending classes. However, online classrooms are bound to become more popular and this could mean loss of traditional jobs. But, this could also give rise to new kind of job opportunities for those involved in teaching.