Humiliation For Balakrishna In Hindupur

Tue Feb 23 2021 08:35:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actor-MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna's political film has flopped badly in Hindupur. For the first ever time in the last four decades, the wind in this constituency blew decisively against the TDP. The constituency, that was once represented by NTR has now turned a new leaf and the voters preferred the ruling YSRCP to the TDP. NTR's son Nandamuri Balakrishna represents Hindupur in the Assembly.

In 30 of the 38 villages that come under the Hindupur constituency, the TDP has lost. The YSRCP has scored mpressive victories. Traditionally, Hindupur has always been a TDP bastion. NTR used to traditionally contest from Hindupur and Gudivada, but used to keep Hindupur. Even after NTR was gone, the constituency remained fiercely loyal to the TDP. Even during the YSRCP wave, the constituency did not change sides. From the last two elections, NTR's son and Nara Lokesh's father-in-law Balakrishna has been representing the constituency. But, this time around, things are different and the YSRCP did very well in the panchayat elections.

Same story was repeated elsewhere in Anantapur. In Penugonda, the TDP has lost badly. Former MLA and TDP leader BK Parthasarathi's native village of Roddam went with the YSRCP. In Penugonda, the YSRCP had won 71 of the 80 villages. The TDP has also lost from Venkataramanapalle, the native village of former minister and former MP Nimmala Kishtappa. In  Maddanakunta, the home turf of former MLA Masala Eeranna, the TDP has lost.