Why This Bypoll Is Important?

Tue Aug 20 2019 09:57:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Besides the upcoming GHMC elections, where is the biggest and high stakes political battle in Telangana being fought? Without doubt, it is Huzurnagar in Nalgonda. Yes. This seat, which has continuously returning Congress stalwart Uttam Kumar Reddy is going for a bypoll. Will Uttam Reddy succeed in repeating his success streak and put the seat in the Congress kitty again is the question. After all, Nalgonda is one district where the party had always done better.

The TRS wants to win this seat badly. It wants to prove that the Lok Sabha election results were an aberration and that the TRS still retains the magic. They want to prove the Congress hopes of a revival wrong. In the last assembly elections, Uttam could win only with a reduced majority. So, the seat is up for grabs, the party feels. Throwing its hat in the ring, the BJP says it would surprise both the Congress and the TRS. It wants to prove that it is emerging as a strong third force by polling maximum number of votes. Its aim is to increase its vote share and show that it too is a strong contender in the Telangana politics.

It remains to be seen who will win this all-important seat. The bypoll was caused as sitting MLA Uttam Kumar Reddy won as an MP from Nalgonda and had to resign his post.