Hyd - 2nd Most Dynamic City In The World!

Mon Jan 21 2019 17:07:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

As many as Six Indian Cities featured in the list of World's Most Dynamic Cities. Interestingly, Bengaluru was ranked 1 and Hyderabad stood at the 2nd Position. While Delhi and Pune managed to get 4th and 5th spots respectively, Chennai and Kolkata are at 7th and 15th positions.

JLL City Momentum Index 2018 focussed on identifying World's Most Commercially Active Cities based on socio-economic indicators and real-estate activity. Latest rankings show fastest urban growth continues to be more in the East, not in the West. About 19 out of 20 Dynamic Cities are in the Asia Pacific region. Both Indian and Chinese Cities dominated the list. They collectively account for 3/4 of the Top 20.

Nairobi is the only city outside of Asia Pacific to feature in the Top 20 Most Dynamic Cities. Even this city have a strong influence of Asia Region. Why because, It's receiving vast investment from China in the infrastructure projects.

Hyderabad is emerging as the fastest growing cities in the World. Vast improvement could be noticed in the next 5 years with huge investments it was able to receive.