Who Is Telangana's Amrish Puri?

Thu Jun 06 2019 13:05:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

TV9's dreaded former head Ravi Prakash is completely friendless now. None of the media houses, media persons or even the so-called friends are standing up for him. No journalist association is coming on to the roads with placards in hands. There is neither cheering nor sloganeering.

With no court offering his solace or respite, Ravi Prakash has to finally appear before the Cyberabad police after a 27-day hide-and-seek. He is now answering queries that the police are asking. Despite all these, Ravi Prakash is trying to portray the investigation as an attack on the media and on the journalists. Every time, he comes out after the interrogation, he is inventing a new catch phrase to attract media attention. Firstly, he termed the taking over of the media as 'Kabja Kanda' The next time, he said this was a war between 'media' and 'mafia,' which wants to take over the former. He alleged that the 'mafia' was taking over Mojo TV, being run by his friends,  without paying even a single rupee.

Then he used the epithet of Media Amrish Puri. He said the Media Amrish Puri in Hyderabad is forcibly taking over Mojo TV. White it is not clear who is this Media Amrish Puri, the wags are saying that he could be referring to those who took over the TV9. But, some smart alecs are curious to know if Ravi Prakash stopped watching movies of late. Why is he referring only to Amrish Puri and not to the recent villains, they ask.