Hyderabad May Be The Second Capital Of India

Tue Nov 05 2019 17:15:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

There has been speculation that Hyderabad will be a Union Territory for some time now. But the rumors came to an end when the Union Ministers clarified that such proposals were not near the Center.

With air pollution at its worse in the nation's capital, Delhi people are struggling to breathe. Delhi government has also announced holidays for schools in the wake of Pollution. Government officials say people should not come out unless they are needed.

Former Maharashtra Governor and senior BJP leader CH Vidyasagar Rao made key comments.

Former Maharashtra Governor CH Vidyasagar Rao. Taking part in a book launch event. Vidyasagar Rao said, "Looking at the situation in the national capital, Dr. BR Ambedkar's wish might turn into reality and Hyderabad would become the second capital of the country."