Hyderabad Mothers being liberal, vote for love marriage of kids!

Tue Oct 05 2021 17:13:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Marrying their beaus is a big dream for lovers as the chances of parents accepting their marriage are very less. Making a person fall in love with them is a task and seeking approval for the family is an even bigger task. However, the times have changed and parents are being liberal with their kids in terms of love marriages.

A survey conducted by a dating app had found out that mothers in Hyderabad are being progressive than mothers in other places and states with more than 80 percent of mothers saying yes to love marriages.

One of the best Dating Apps in India TrulyMadly had conducted a survey in leading cities in the country to assess the perception of mothers towards love marriages. Overall, 50percent of mothers were in favor of love marriages.

Beating the national average, as much as 84 percent of mothers of youth have said, they are in favor of love marriages and they will agree if their kids go for love marriage and getting matches from Dating apps, the new trend in getting proposals.

The survey had also shown the difference between mothers and fathers in the way they react to the love marriages of their kids. While the mothers from non-metro cities are being liberal with their kids in terms of love marriages, mothers of working women in metro cities are keeping more pressure on their children.

The Chief Electoral Officer of TrulyMadly Dating App Snehil Khanor said that the main intention behind conducting the story is to understand the apprehensions of people on the Dating. He said that they'd understand that both parents and children are also welcoming the new trend with a big heart.

On the other hand, the sample size of the survey on the new trend was limited to just 5,000 that include men and women. The participants who took part in the survey belong to various parts of the country and various cities. The cities include metro, non-metro, tier-1, and tier 2.

It's a piece of good news for the youth as the mothers are of the opinion that they will not stop their kids from doing love marriages and seeing Dating Apps as an option for matches.