my financial situation R Narayanamurthy

Thu Jul 15 2021 18:04:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

Senior actor-director Narayanamurthy, who is often called People’s Star, held a press meet today to clear all the airs on his financial situation. He urged one and all to not spread such news on social media.

Social media is currently filled with news that Narayanamurthy's financial situation is not good and he is even struggling to pay his house rent. This did not go well with the people's star.

Narayanamurthy even gave clarification to Gaddar's statements on his financial situation and his struggles to pay house rent. Saying that Gaddar made these comments out of love and affection towards him, Murthanna opined that news outlets have misinterpreted his statements.

Speaking to the media, Narayanamurthy maintained that the news about his financial condition is resulting in his fans and well-wishers worrying about him and they have been calling him to ask if he is really facing such difficulties.

Talking about Gaddar's comments on not being able to rent a house in Hyderabad, Narayanamurthy said, he chose to distance himself from the city area, which is why he has been living away from the city.

Cheemala Dandu actor Narayanamurthy said, there is no truth in the news that he is having financial issues and said, he is spending more than Rs 30,000 for traveling expenses alone as he lives far away from the city.

He said, never wanted to build studios or have houses in the city. He even said, when YSR allotted him 10 acres of land for studio purposes, he returned it to the government.

Looks like, Narayanamurthy, who is known for his funny and jovial nature is really hurt over the news that is being spread on social media.

Narayanamurthy has made a film Raitanna, which bats for the demand to repeal the farm bills. The movie was screened for a few eminent activists at the Prasad labs on Sunday.

Speaking at the event, Gaddar said, out of the gang of 32 people, who came to make films only two people were left. One is him and the other one is Narayanamurthy.

Gaddar said Narayanamurthy is unable to get a house on rent in Hyderabad and he is not even married. The media outlets have misinterpreted his statements.

People' Star tag really suits his persona and he never shys away in speaking against anything that is against the interests of the poor and farmers.He openly opposed controversial Agriculture bills and urged the government to repeal the bills.