IAS Officer's Over Action Results In Losing Election Duty!

Fri Nov 18 2022 17:27:16 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Social Media craze has caught almost everyone. Not just the common people even people holding good positions are also trying to show off on social media by putting up exotic pictures. Sometimes it gets backfired and people face severe criticism for their social media posts. Yet again this happened.

An IAS officer who was posted as the observer of the elections for the upcoming elections in Gujarat faced the heat for his overaction as he posted pictures of himself highlighting the position he holds as far as the elections are concerned.

Media reports say that Abhishek Singh Uttar Pradesh cadre IAS officer was recently appointed as the general observer for the general polls in Gujarat. The vehicle that was allotted for him has the same number plate and he shared pictures of his vehicle and his security.

The issue reached the Election Commission's notice and the body was not happy. It is said that the IAS officer was removed from his position and will not be posted for any election position until further notice.

The IAS officer is an active user of social media and already has over 3 million followers on the Instagram platform. The pictures he shared show the special vehicle with a number plate of his observer position.

Citing that the pictures posted by the IAS officers are a violation of his duties and position, the Election Commission reportedly removed him from his position. This is what you get if you use social media platforms more than what is required.

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