IPL Cheerleaders open up on how they are mistreated

Fri Jul 16 2021 11:32:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

Indian Premier League (IPL) is the richest tournament in the world and no wonder players express their willingness to be a part of it. The cheerleaders we see during the match are a special attraction for the game.

However, there is an ugly side of the cheerleaders life which many of us don't know. The issue of mistreatment of the cheerleaders came to limelight, when Gabriella Pasqualotto, who was a part of the Mumbai Indians cheerleaders team opened up about the mistreatment.

She said, at the post-match parties, cricketers misbehaved with her. Her statements had kick started a controversy. Following this, she was removed from the cheerleaders team.

Removing her as the cheerleader did not stop her from speaking about the treatment they receive and how they were treated as s piece of meat and walking porn.

Through a Twitter account @Iplgirl,
she started tweeting about her experiences and she shares horrifying instances through a blog. After she made the shocking revelations, fellow cheerleaders have supported her and shared the experiences they encountered.

As per the reports, Gabriella Pasqualotto was removed as the cheerleader after a fellow cheerleader complained against her for tweeting on the misbehaving nature she faced.

She was sacked and sent back to South Africa. Gabriella Pasqualotto even found fault with the decision to remove her. She said she was made to return home as if she was a criminal.

The cheerleaders had shed light into the issues they faced in terms of receiving the remuneration, and the low cost of living, they had been through during their stint as the cheerleaders for the IPL franchises.

According to Gabriella Pasqualotto, Australian and South African players have misbehaved with her. The other cheerleaders have also shared their experiences on how the Indian audiences see them as a piece of meat during the matches.

However, the IPL Governing Council and the Mumbai Indians franchise have never spoken about this openly. The issue came to the limelight, with the cheerleader sharing her experiences and the other cheerleaders joining the force.

The shocking revelations made by the cheerleaders made one thing clear that they too go through a fair share of struggles and difficulties but we don't get to know about them unless such brave women open up.