IS KCR Playing a Mind Game On BJP?

Mon Aug 19 2019 10:51:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is wily KCR getting ready to unveil his master plan to defeat the BJP in Telangana? Is he going to play his trump card to pin down a resurgent BJP? Indications are yes. The rumours that the BJP is planning to give Union Territory status to Hyderabad are part of KCR's mind game. If the BJP says yes, then he will have an issue to fight the Municipal elections. He will raise emotions and defeat the BJP. If the BJP says no, he would reach out to the Andhra migrants in Hyderabad and tell that only he can protect their interests. After all, he won the last GHMC elections on this plank only. The TRS has already declared that it will take to streets and wage a relentless battle if the BJP plans to carve Hyderabad into a Union Territory.

Interestingly, the BJP has not said this so far and according to insiders, it has no plans to do so. Yet. The TRS is trying to rake up the issue. This is KCR's master plan to counter the BJP, which is growing in confidence in Telangana especially after it won four MP seats in the Lok Sabha elections. He will rake up the issue of changing Hyderabad's status and will project himself as the defender of Telangana's interests.

Let's see how the BJP counters this campaign plan by KCR. Will the BJP be able to weather off the KCR plan in the GHMC elections?