ISRO Chief Wins Hearts With Terrific Statement

Wed Sep 11 2019 11:44:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

ISRO Chairperson Dr Kailasavadivoo Sivan won the hearts of Indians with the reply he offered to the question in an interview to Sun TV. To the query 'As a Tamilian who attained such a big position, What does he wants to say to the people from Tamil Nadu', This is how he responded: 'First of all, I am an Indian. I joined ISRO as an Indian. This is an organisation where people from all regions and languages contribute but I am grateful to my brothers who celebrate Me'.

The respect people have for K Sivan has only increased after he presented the national identity first. ISRO Chief was at the receiving end of praises from all over the nation.

A Netizen hailing from Bihar wrote, 'Which state Dr.Sivan belongs to doesn't affect Me, I am proud of him like every Indian..he is our national hero'.

Another Netizen wrote, 'This statement from ISRO Chief K Sivan is something I wish every Indian thought. I see so many thumping their chests to claim superiority of their regional identity or ridiculing others & forget that without India they will have no identity'.

K Sivan graduated from Madras Institute of Technology in aeronautical engineering in 1980. He joined ISRO in 1982 and has been on National Duty since the past 38 years.